Meet Our Team

Taylor Froling

Counselor, MS, LMHC, CMHS, MHP

*Owner* Can complete court ordered mental health evaluations

Therapy is an inviting place where every single part of you is welcome, even the parts that are uncomfortable to share. I believe in empathy, unconditional regard, and honesty even if its hard. I believe everyone should be treated equally, with respect and believe that it may be a hard road but everyone can heal and deserve to heal.

Servicing preteens, teens & adults

Barbara Starr

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

Telehealth only and is a Clinical Supervisor

I work to create a safe and supportive atmosphere with clients, characterized by respect and compassion. I want you to feel heard and understood. I also seek to understand the thoughts and beliefs that guide your thoughts and behavior. Together, we work to build and strengthen life skills that create room for growth and connection with self and others.

Serving teens, adults & elders (65+)

Abcde Matias

Counselor, MS, LMHC

I relocated from Big Island, Hawaii and I’m transcending the aloha spirit to Washington. I believe that each person has a voice that matters, and I want to hear your story. Therapy can be hard and enjoyable; but however the process unfolds, I will be there to for the journey. Though I may have counseling credentials, it’s important to remember that you are the expert of your own life. I’m here to help guide you on what you think is important for your life and provide some useful tools along the way.

Servicing children (6-10), preteens, teens & adults

Kelly Waibel

Counselor, MS, LMHCA, MHP

I believe everyone should be met where they are, exploring the good in them not just the things people refer to as negative. There are many times people struggle in life that could benefit from a non-judgmental space to build a therapeutic relationship. Life is a struggle and we can all benefit from a listening ear and therapeutic relationship. It can sometimes take a few tries to find the right person who match for you. Therapy can be both difficult and enjoyable.

Servicing children (6-10), preteens, teens & adults

Jentry Wright

Counselor, MFT Intern

As a Marriage and Family Therapist intern, I work within the context of relational systems to address a variety of mental, emotional, and relational issues.   My experience includes working with individuals, couples, families, adolescents and children from all different cultural, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. I use mindfulness and holistic systems approaches to help you connect with your needs and goals, as well as overcome and face the transitions and challenges of life. I view therapy as a safe and compassionate space to explore yourself, relationships, and to create deep long-term positive change in your life.

Servicing children (6-10), preteens, teens & adults

Louis Veltri

Counselor, MS, LMHCA-Pending

Telehealth only and is a Clinical Supervisor I grew up in South Philadelphia, PA with first-generation Italian immigrants and family members who struggled with mental health issues. Over the last 35 years, as a therapist, community social justice advocate/activist/education, and Pastor; I have witnessed pain and healing occur around a number of life issues, a diverse level of formats, and a number of contexts, and from a variety of different perspectives.

Servicing children (6-10), preteens, teens & adults

June sometimes comes to visit and spend time here. She is a three month old rescue puppy. She is calm, sweet, loving, and still sometimes gets scared. She is a mix of possibly Shepard and Hound. She loves cuddles and will respect your space and boundaries.

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