Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Taylor Froling

Counselor, MS, LMHC, CMHS, MHP

*Owner* Can complete Court ordered Mental Health Assessments

Therapy is an inviting place where every single part of you is welcome, even the parts that are uncomfortable to share. I believe in empathy, unconditional regard, and honesty even if its hard. I believe everyone should be treated equally, with respect and believe that it may be a hard road but everyone can heal. I have a laid back style and use humor. I will be your biggest advocate while also giving you a kick in the rear to be the best version of yourself.

Works with preteens, teens & adults.

$155 for intake and $135-50 minute sessions. $220.00 for 90 minute court ordered assessment. Accepts Lyra and Wellspring EAP

Ellie Ellis

Clinical Social Worker, MS, LSWAIC

I became a therapist because I saw the importance of sharing our stories without fear of judgment. It’s because of this understanding that I strive to create a space for you to feel safe to be your true self no matter where you are in your mental health journey. My passion is working with members of the LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse communities, particularly teens and young adults. I know it can be difficult to find a therapist you trust and connect with enough to share your story. This is why I am dedicated to making my practice a safe space for all who need it by meeting every client where they are at, avoiding assumptions, and treating the whole person.

Works with children (6-10), preteens, teens & adults.

$150 for intake, $120-50 minute sessions. Accepts Wellspring EAP

Abcde Matias

Counselor, MS, LMHC

I relocated from Big Island, Hawaii and I’m transcending the aloha spirit to Washington. I believe that each person has a voice that matters, and I want to hear your story. Therapy can be hard and enjoyable; but however the process unfolds, I will be there to for the journey. Though I may have counseling credentials, it’s important to remember that you are the expert of your own life. I’m here to help guide you on what you think is important for your life and provide some useful tools along the way.

Works with children (6-10), preteens, teens, adults, and couples.

$150 for intake, $120-50 minute sessions and $130 for couples 50minute sessions. Accepts Wellspring EAP.

Monica Matthews

Counselor, MS, LMHC, SUDP-T

*Can complete Substance Abuse Assessments and court ordered Mental Health Assessments.

I believe people want to be heard, seen and validated. However, it can be hard to use your voice, or show who you really are, or even validate yourself. Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and Addiction just add to that weight, fueling avoidance and hopelessness. Being a LMHC and SUDPT, I can support challenges with mental health and addiction. I believe it is essential to work on addiction and mental health together. I can complete substance abuse disorder assessments. I want to help you uncover who you really are, help you to uncover your inherent self-worth, and heal any parts that are still wounded.

Works with preteens, teens, and adults.

$155 for intake and $135-50 minute sessions. $220.00 for 90 minute court ordered assessment. Accepts Wellspring EAP, Spring Health EAP, and is in network with First Choice Health Network

Emilee Draney

Clinical Intern

Clinical Mental Health
Counseling w/Marriage &
Family Therapy Emphasis
Masters of Arts
Colorado Christian

Life can be messy, traumatic, and hard; however, people are resilient and capable. Humans are
complex and relationships can be a roller-coaster, but through it all, there is beauty found within
the journey of life.
Our sessions will be a place of warmth, compassion, connection, and authenticity where you will
be validated and understood. I will meet you right where you are. Together, we will process
through your story. The office will be a safe space of vulnerability where peace and healing can
occur. Fundamentally, you will be equipped with techniques and tools to continue along your
path. As we collaborate, you will develop a greater ability to recognize your triggers, gain greater
self-awareness, and celebrate your resilience.
There is hope in the journey. It would be a privilege to accompany you along the way.

Works with children (6-10), preteens, teens, adults, and couples.

$60 for intake, $60 ongoing

Louis Veltri

Counselor, MS, LMHCA

I grew up in South Philadelphia, PA with first-generation Italian immigrants and family members who struggled with mental health issues. Over the last 35 years, as a therapist, community social justice advocate/activist/education, and Pastor; I have witnessed pain and healing occur around a number of life issues, a diverse level of formats, and a number of contexts, and from a variety of different perspectives.

Works with children (6-10), preteens, teens, adults, and couples.

$150 for intake, $120-50 minute sessions and $130 for couples 50 minute sessions. Accepts Wellspring EAP.

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