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We have providers that are in network with First Choice Health Network, Spring Health, Lyra, and Wellspring. If we are not in network with your insurance we offer a free Superbill that may allow you to get reimbursed. Please read about each clinician to find the provider for you.

Please read further to find out more

Please read further to find out more

Our Fees:

Initial 50 Minute intake with a LMHCA – $150.00

Initial 50 Minute intake with a LMHC- $155.00

90 Minute Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation **Court ordered assessment -$220.00

*Only one Intake session required per client

50 minute individual session with a LMHCA- $120.00

50 minute individual session with a LMHC- $135.00

50 minute couple, family, and/or group session with a LMHCA – – $130.00

50 minute couple, family, and/or group session with a LMHC- $140.00

*Longer sessions are available upon request and provider availability

Types of payment that are accepted:

– Cash, Credit Card, Check, and Health Savings Accounts

*To read about our Good Faith Estimates click here:

Good Faith Estimates

Why we don’t bill insurance:

As Skagit Counseling Center firmly believes in client to therapist confidentiality working with insurance companies results in less confidentiality for our clients. When you use insurance to pay for therapy, your therapist is required to provide your diagnosis and treatment notes to your insurance company in order to get paid. This undermines the basic premise of therapy and also gives a lot more people access to private health information about you. It can potentially increase your insurance premiums as well.

What is a superbill?

A form completed by your mental health provider that allows patients to be reimbursed directly from their health insurance companies. A Superbill is a document that contains all of the information necessary for an insurance company or other third party to make a decision on reimbursement for health expenses incurred by a client. It is not a receipt. It is not an invoice. It is not a claim. A Superbill is similar to a claim that you would send an insurance company. 

*Note: A superbill does not guarantee that an insurance provider will pay for the services provided. Each insurance plan is different, and it is your responsibility to contact your insurance provider and find out exactly what will be covered.

For more in depth information please click the link below

What is a superbill and why we do not bill insurance